My goal has been and continues to be to pursue my curiosity and research regarding how elements of and things in the world are perceived - to challenge and enhance how we see and understand the world around us.

I use investigation into and endless experimentation with the workings and potential of digital technology. Compiling, reducing, or condensing pixels, using repetition in conjunction with variation, each bit of color, of light, falls in relation to the one next to it and to the whole.

I am trying to see what happens when technology is used, in essence, for itself, as it processes something from analog life. I approach the basics, the x and y axis, the zeros and ones, the vertical columns and horizontal rows that are the only components of computer information, and using software designed for more generic purposes, document what happens, which is often familiar, or odd, or meditative, or beautiful, without the intention of making something containing any of those qualities.

The work always starts from a photo or scan of something – often from nature, but not always. But when the work has been completed, it is equally important for me to re-materialize the image – to move it from picture elements on a screen back into the physical world. Although the pieces are created and interpreted digitally, they can only be fully experienced outside of the monitor, as objects.