My work is experimental, improvisational, and process based in its nature. My tools are the common consumer devices and software of present day digital technology.

I am currently working on three series: Condensed, Composites, and Panographs: Embodiments of Time.

In each I use a different approach to interpreting images of things and places via the tools of digital imaging technologies.

Below are approximate descriptions or hints as to how the pieces come about.


In the Condensed work I start from a photograph or a scan and digitally condense the file to a single row of picture elements in both vertical and horizontal axies before reconstructing and intersecting the layers of  information.

The earlier Cross Sections group is somewhat related to Condensed, but rather than reducing the whole file, a single row of picture elements is selected from the x and y axies and then repeatedly recombined.

In the Composites, I make scans of similar objects or various sides of the same object, and then sysematically delete most of the information from each before combining up to eight files.


Panographs: Embodiments of Time - These pieces are made using the pano mode on the phone - but with no intention of making a literal panoramic representation - I am more interested in how the device performs in unexpected (by it) situations - while walking, or riding, moving through space and over time, it takes many photos and tries to stitch them together in a representational way - making a document - creating a view of the world - that is different from what we can see with our human eyes...


The earlier works are experiments of the same kind, (that is, attempting to deconstruct and repurpose digital imaging technologies toward a personally expressive end) but using earlier digital technologies such as laser copiers and color Xerox machines.